35+ Cool Cyberpunk Character Concept Art, Inspiration & Design

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Cyberpunk is so full of depth and complex characters. The contrast of futuristic tech with the grungy underbelly of society, common in Cyberpunk artwork, is visually spectacular.

It’s no wonder it is becoming more and more popular.

Are you wondering how you can create a believable and exciting character?

Below we have listed our favorite cyberpunk character concepts.

From hackers to assassins, detectives and gang members, each artist has created their cyberpunk character with a unique flair and personality.

I’ve also broken down common patterns in the cyberpunk genre, and what you can practice to improve your character design skills.

Short note: There are so many amazing artists out there, that we have had to divide this post. Instead of having one mammoth post with over 100 images, we have divided it up into guys and girls. Below we have included all our favorite male cyberpunk character concepts. Check out our new page with some awesome Cyberpunk Girls.

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What Is Cyberpunk?
Awesome Male Cyberpunk Character Concept Art
How Do You Draw A Cyberpunk Character?

What Is Cyberpunk?

Cyberpunk is a sub-genre of science fiction. It focuses on the people living on the edge of a futuristic society.

Cyberpunk isn’t about your clean-cut space operas; it is about the people who live on the outskirts of a futuristic society.

Often Cyberpunk is set in a future dystopian society. Many of the themes are grungy and often show the breakdown of modern society, corruption, and social upheaval.

Each of the characters shown below has a unique attitude and style. Cyberpunk characters are often anti-authoritarian, highly technical, occasional hackers, just doing their own thing.

Blade Runner is a good example of Cyberpunk in popular media.

Set in Los Angeles in the future, it juxtaposes the futuristic neo-lit city, with the dirt and grime of the back alleyways. It explores how the people of this underworld, live and survive while living on the edge of society.

Often the themes of Cyberpunk are about the people, their relationships and the things they are dealing with, rather that the vast space operas associated with Sci-Fi.

Classic Cyberpunk characters are often alien loners who lived on the edge of society in a moment of technological change. It is common for them to have radical body modifications such as robotic arms or legs and other cyber enhancements.

Without further ado, check out these great artworks below.

Awesome Male Cyberpunk Character Concept Art

Cyberpunk LED Mask By Brian Cargile

By Brian Cargile

Cyberpunk Hacker Art By Joe Tuscany

By Joe Tuscany

Futuristic Punisher By Michael Bridge

By Michael Bridge

Cyberpunk Character Concept Art By Aesthetic Machine (Deviant Art)

By Aesthetic Machine (Deviant Art)

Cyberpunk Man By XG mist

By ‘XG Mist

Cyberpunk Ideas By Matt Zeilinger

By Matt Zeilinger

Cyberpunk Boy By Boris Dyatlov

By Boris Dyatlov

Cyberpunk Characters By Ihor Pasternak

By Ihor Pasternak

Cyberpunk Latin Gang By Eugene Postebaylo

By Eugene Postebaylo

Sci Fi Old Guy By Manilyn Toledana

By Manilyn Toledana

Cyberpunk Male By Samuel Aaron Whitehead

By Samuel Aaron Whitehead

Character Concept Art By Salvador Trakal

By Salvador Trakal

Male Cyberpunk By Valentina Phillips

By Valentina Phillips

Cyberpunk Cyborg By Darren Bartley

By Darren Bartley

Cyborg Samurai By Darren Bartley

By Darren Bartley

Cyberpunk Ronin By Salvador Trakal

By Salvador Trakal

Cyberpunk Sniper By Soundhunter

By Soundhunter (DeviantArt)

Cyberpunk Bruce Lee By Woo Kim

By Woo Kim

Character Concept By Darren Bartley

By Darren Bartley

Male Cyberpunk Concept Art By Ionen DeviantArt

By Ionen (DeviantArt)

Cyberpunk Character Design By David Kegg

By David Kegg

Cyberpunk Man By Samuel Aaron Whitehead

By Samuel Aaron Whitehead

Cyberpunk Characters By Jan Goszyk

By Jan Koszyk

Cyberpunk Robot By Rolf Bertz

By Rolf Bertz

Cyberpunk Character By Rock D

By Rock D

Cyberpunk Gang Leader By Aaron Beck

By Aaron Beck

Cyberpunk Mercenary By Elvira Akchurina

By Elvira Akchurina

Cyberpunk Portrait By Matt Zeilinger

By Matt Zeilinger (Feature Image)

Cyberpunk Artwork By Lee Carter

By Lee Carter

Cyberpunk Art By Valentina Remenar

By Valentina Remenar

Male Cyberpunk Cyborg By Cedric Peyravernay

By Cedric Peyravernay

Cyber Gangs By Abdulrahman Noureldin

By Abdulrahman Noureldin

Cyberpunk Shooter By Gordon A Bennetto

By Gordon A. Bennetto

Cyberpunk Hacker By Jakub Rebelka

By Jakub Rebelka

Male Cyberpunk Hacker By Josan Gonzalez

By Josan Gonzalez

How Do You Draw A Cyberpunk Character?

Looking at these images, it can be intimidating, particularly if you have never drawn one of these characters before.

So what can we take on to create a dynamic character that is believable and oozes personality?

Here are a couple of things I can see that would help. If you have any more tips, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

Practice Your Figure Drawing & Anatomy​

With any character design, having a solid understanding of the human figure and anatomy is essential to creating a convincing character.

Practice drawing dynamic poses and gestures. This will give you the opportunity to create a character that displays their own personality through the way they hold themselves, and the movement that is captured at that moment.

Part of that is understanding weight and form.

For example, if you have a guy with a massive cybernetic enhancement that replaces his right arm, that’s going to have some weight to it.

Instead of his weight being centered, it will be more towards his right side. This would impact the way he holds himself and moves.

Practicing the human form, weight and anatomy will help you create a believable character, no matter what the genre.

Proko has some awesome courses to help you improve your figure drawing and anatomy..

Study And Draw Machinery And Technology

Understanding the human form is an essential with any character concept.

However, in cyberpunk, it is about the integration of technology and how technology looks.

Look around your house and see what technology you can draw. It could be your mobile phone, your computer, or your drawing tablet.

Draw these devices and develop your understanding of how mechanical devices look. Now, use your imaginations and think how these devices might look in 10, 50 or 100 years time. Explore and draw how you think that might look.

Then bring it together with your understanding of the human figure. What would those items look like when integrated with people? What would be different in the way people interact with them?

Play with those ideas.

Regarding robotic limbs, once you have that understanding of anatomy, you can play around and consider what that limb might look like if it was made of metal or plastic. Ask yourself ‘What part of the body moves and how would a mechanic limb function in order to be a believable substitute?’

Look At Modern Day Subcultures To Create Your Own Cyberpunk Style

It’s no secret that cyberpunk characters have a distinct style.

These individuals are often on the edge of society in a sci-fi universe. To gain inspiration, look at the subcultures on the edges of our society today.

It could be the punk scene, trance scene, goths; these people subcultures in our larger cultures. They could be rebelling against something, or have their unique forms of self-expression.

Use these styles as inspiration when exploring your characters look.

  • How do they hold themselves?
  • What does their hair look like?
  • What is the clothing that they wear?

Adapt these styles to what they might look like in 100 years time.

Alternatively, look back in time. Fashion works in cycles. What would fashion from the 1800s or 1920s look like if it was set 100 years in the future? What would they look like if they were set in a science fiction universe?

Then the trick is to bring it all together.

​Avoid Making It Too Complex

Once you have played with the above ideas, you can bring it together and create a cool cyberpunk guy or cool.

The trick is to avoid any over-elaborate imagery.

Cyberpunk is a pretty crazy type of genre. You have complex human characters, combined with futuristic tech, intricate interfaces and all set in a backdrop of a gritty dystopian world.

Striking a balance between creating a compelling scene and character is key (easier said than done). It’s about creating a balance between all this complexity and keeping it simple enough not to be overwhelming.

Composing any character takes practice (I’m  still learning myself). But taking the above images as inspiration and play with the different ideas mentioned, you are going to have a lot of fun creating a character.

If you have any further inspiration, fun drawing ideas, or images that would be cool to share, put it in the comment section below.​

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