34 Best Black Friday Art Supplies Sales and Deals for 2023

best black friday art supplies sales and deals for 2023

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Art Supplies are expensive; there’s no doubt about it. But there are several times a year that are best to shop, like during Black Friday deals, when retailers and suppliers have deep discount sales.

In this article, we’ve put together the best quality options at different prices to save money on the latest deals during 2023’s Black Friday.

Regardless of whether you choose to take advantage of the savings to buy products and brands you typically can’t afford or just want to bank the extra dollars you save on your arts and crafts needs, you will still be getting excellent stuff at great deals!

Online Art Course Deals

Black Friday is a special time to save money with great deals on art lessons for you or that special artist in your life.

Evolve Artist

Evolve Artist is modelled after the European Atelier or private studio run by masters who teach in an “apprenticeship” style, sharing their secrets with students.

evolve artist

Evolve “teaches art as a language: beginning with an alphabet, developing a rudimentary vocabulary, and eventually learning to craft poetry.”

With a Foundations level and Advanced level, the journey takes artists of all abilities, from basic crafting techniques to refined painting skills.

Evolve offers a monthly payment plan or a one-time charge for exceptional savings. Click the button below and use the coupon code ARTIGNITION100 to get $100 off.

New Master’s Academy Deals

New Master’s Academy has online courses on painting, drawing, sculpture, digital art, theory, crafts, and more, from some of the best artists.

new master's academy deals

There are many options to save on subscriptions, including an All-Inclusive subscription with thousands of hours of lessons, interactive classes, reference images and models, and even personalized video coaching.

Proko Course Deals

During Proko’s Black Friday 2023 sale, you can enjoy a fantastic deal that lasts the entire month of November (from the 1st to the 30th). Take advantage of a 20% discount on all courses and digital tools. What’s even better, you can maximize your savings by bundling courses together.

Proko Courses

To unlock this special offer, simply use the discount code “BLACK20“. This is your chance to elevate your artistic skills with Proko’s top-notch educational resources, all at a discounted rate. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance your talents.

Black Friday Arts Canvas Deals

Quality canvas makes all the difference in confidence and ease of painting. If you’ve only painted on cheap surfaces from the hobby store, you will be in for a treat when you shop these latest deals. The quality here is beyond what you find in the arts and crafts stores.

Belgian Linen Roll

Linen is a much more durable material than cotton. It lasts longer, is more resistant to stretching or molding due to moisture changes, and is less absorbent, so your colors will be less prone to drying dull or “flat.

belgian linen roll

For artists who stretch their canvas, buying linen in a roll allows you to save big and make custom sizes instead of buying what’s available in the pre-stretched canvas options.

This roll is quadruple primed with an oil-based primer which reduces cracking over time.

Fredrix Pro Series Dixie Gallery Profile Stretched Cotton

fredrix pro series dixie gallery profile stretched cotton

Fredrix makes a superb, double-primed cotton canvas that is gallery wrapped, meaning the sides are covered with canvas, which can be painted or left white. Gallery-wrapped canvases don’t need a frame but can be framed. Perfect for fine arts or crafts.

Ampersand Hardboard Panel

ampersand hardboard panel

Hardboard panels are lightweight, easy to carry for painting on location, and easy to ship for any of your arts and crafts. Panels are especially good for smaller paintings (this 18” X 24” can be cut into several smaller boards) or quick studies for larger paintings.

Black Friday Arts Oil Paint Deals

Michael Harding Oil Paint Set

michael harding oil paint set

It’s nice to splurge on high-quality paint occasionally. With this Michael Harding starter set, you will experience the beauty of smooth-flowing oil paint with vibrant, long-lasting colors. Save money when you shop and treat yourself or a friend to professional paint!

Winsor & Newton Artists Oils Introductory Set

winsor & newton artists oils introductory set

Windsor & Newton has been around for a long time and has an excellent reputation. These artists’ oil paint sets (above student grade) have plenty of quality pigment and amazing texture.

Gamblin Artist Oil Colors Introductory Set

gamblin artist oil colors introductory set

Gamblin is a smaller company, but that comes with the comfort of knowing all of their products are monitored closely through all stages of the supply chain, from sourcing pigments in an ecologically conscious manner to crafting high-pigment load colors to packaging and distribution. This starter set is one of our favorite oil paint sets, popular among artists of all levels, and a perfect Black Friday sale.

Black Friday Arts Brush Deals

Brushes are a great item to score hot deals on for Black Friday. The latest deals here will help you fill gaps in your crafting toolbox.

Old Holland Kolinsky Sable Brush Easel Gift Set

old holland kolinsky sable brush easel gift set

Brushes to an artist are like knives to a chef. Spending a little more on better quality brushes that will last and make the painting process more enjoyable is easy to do when they are on deep discount. This set with an easel-like case is made with natural sable hairs and is perfect for oils and watercolor.

Utrecht Bristle Brush Set

utrecht bristle brush set

Utrecht makes powerhouse supplies from high-quality materials at an economical price point. These hog-hair bristle brushes are excellent for aggressive mark-making in oil or acrylic. You won’t be disappointed to add this set of 4 brushes to your arts and crafts supplies this Black Friday.

Princeton Gold Taklon Set

princeton gold taklon set

Taklon brushes marry the demand to save savings with the desire for quality. These synthetic, soft-hair brushes last a long time, hold up to heavy brushwork and cleaning and can produce smooth strokes in oil, watercolor, or acrylic paint when crafting your paintings.

Black Friday Arts Paper Deals

Derwent Lightfast Paper Pad

derwent lightfast paper pad

This pad of 140lb. (heavy-duty) paper is made to preserve your arts and crafts for a long time. These sheets are made from 100% cotton and designed for professional drawings in various media. This is a must for any drawings being displayed or framed.

Strathmore Drawing Pad

strathmore drawing pad

Strathmore has a reputation for quality paper; this pad is no exception. Priced for meeting a variety of purposes, from sketching to finished drawings, you know you are getting the best value for your money. Save big and stock up at these prices!

Richeson Drawing Pad

richeson drawing pad

At 8” X 10”, this pad is perfect for field sketching or crafting studio studies. The price per page on this one is hard to beat for all your dry-media, arts, and crafts drawing needs.

Black Friday Arts Colored Pencil Deals

One of the most common tools for arts and crafts is colored pencils. Take advantage of these great deals this Black Friday!

If you use colored pencils frequently, you know they are NOT all made the same. Working with high-quality pencils is like sleeping on 1000-count threaded sheets or tasting the most decadent dessert. The sale of these latest deals will surely please any artist.


holbein artist colored pencil

These pencils live up to the reputation of the Holdein name. With a thick core and excellent wax-to-oil ratio, these colored pencils are perfect for layering and blending when crafting your drawings. The high-pigment load means they will last longer, and your drawings won’t fade like other brands.

Koh-I-Noor Watercolor

koh-i-noor watercolor

If you’ve never used watercolor pencils, you are in for a treat. With many application methods, from dipping the pencils in water before drawing to brushing water onto dry drawings for a painterly effect, this Koh-I-Noor set is a dream come true.

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils

prismacolor premier colored pencil

Almost every artist has heard of Prismacolor due to their reputation for quality and value. These Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils are waxy, blend well, and are waterproof to prevent unwanted smudging or bleeding. Save when you shop this arts and crafts deal!

Black Friday Arts Marker Deals

With the popularity of graphic novels and animated work, quality pens, and markers have exploded as a market for artists. Whether illustrating books or crafting frameable artworks, there is an incredible range of colors, tip styles, and ink quality to meet every need leading up to Christmas.

Copic Markers

copic markers

A favorite among Manga and Anime artists, Copic makes excellent quality markers for crafting and inking any illustration. With 2 sides to each marker, the brush nib and broad nib of this 12-marker set have the versatility of all kinds of marks. Alcohol-based and made in Japan, you can’t go wrong when you save on this basic color set.

Winsor & Newton Markers

winsor and newton markers

Most people know Winsor & Newton for their painting supplies, but they make many other materials for crafting. This set of 48 colors has a rounded and chisel nib on each marker, allowing for various marks.

Prismacolor Premier Double-Ended Art Markers

prismacolor premier double-ended art markers

Made by a manufacturer you can trust, this Prismacolor set of 12 double-ended markers will produce work that is beautiful and lasts. At a price point you can’t beat, these Prismacolor markers will meet all your crafting needs.

Black Friday Arts Pastel Deals

Many people shy away from pastels. Typically this is because there are high-quality, high-priced pastels, low-quality, low-priced pastels, and not much in between. Usually, if you don’t spend a lot, you are left dissatisfied. What better item to take advantage of huge Christmas deals than quality pastels.

Pastels usually come in hard, semi-hard, soft, and oil varieties. The hard, semi-hard, and soft are bound with chalk, while the oil pastels are bound with…, you guessed it, oil. They produce very different results and require experimentation to understand their difference fully.

Sennelier Oil

sennelier oil

Sennelier makes some of the best oil pastels on the market. Made with a high pigment-to-binder ratio, the oil and wax balance allows easy blending and creates beautiful, creative paintings, unlike many oil pastels that feel like crayons.

Rembrandt Soft Pastels

rembrandt soft pastels

These pastels are bound with kaolin clay and are a little harder than most soft pastels, which gives the best of both worlds. They blend well but allow for more control of line work. Boasting a high pigment load, this set of 15 assorted colors is a perfect way to introduce yourself to pastel painting.

Van Gogh Hard Pastels

van gogh hard pastels

Made by Rembrandt, the Van Gogh hard pastels have a good pigment load and won’t flake off the paper in a dust cloud like many other hard pastels. It will be hard not to pick up this set at the price they are being offered this November.

Richeson Semi-hard Pastels

richeson semi-hard pastels

While better suited for a painterly style than a drawing style, these semi-hard pastels will produce beautiful colors and blend well. With 36 colors in this set, you will be able to paint any subject matter with ease.

Black Friday Digital Art Deals

As technology advances, so does the popularity and diversity of digital crafting. Whether digital drawing, painting, or 3D printing, we have Black Friday arts deals for any 21st Century artist.

Wacom Tablet

wacom tablet

Probably the most reliable, affordable manufacturer of tablets for drawing and painting, Wacom is at the leading edge of the market. With a very responsive stylus and simple-to-use interface, this tablet is more user-friendly than most. You definitely get a huge value for your money on this sale.

Gaomon Tablet

gaomon tablet

Priced to save, this Gaoman tablet works with most operating systems and software packages. With a stylus responsive to pressure, you will feel like you are drawing with real tools or painting with real brushes.

Huion Tablet

huion tablet

Great for kids or someone new to digital artwork, this Huion tablet won’t break the bank. You can discover the wonders of digital drawing and painting without a big investment. This may be the best Black Friday arts deal in this article.

3D Printer Entry Level

3d printer entry level

As with 3D pens, 3D printers have advanced exponentially in quality and technology while dropping prices drastically. This entry-level printer is perfect for those wanting to learn about the hype.

3D Printer High Speed

3d printer high speed

This high-speed printer is like having a manufacturing plant in your house. You will feel like a professional with precise detail, an advanced error detection system, and leveling and stabilization features. Bring your creative imagination to life with this Qidi Tech high-speed printer.

Black Friday Arts Deals on Miscellaneous Art Materials

Black Friday don’t have to be just about buying the sexy, highly prized crafting supplies and materials. Sometimes it is a good time to add to or replace those tools and resources for your crafts you have been needing but are putting off. Here are a few ideas many artists overlook but can give great value to their arts and crafts practice.

T Square

t square

Whether drawing grids on your surface for scaling up an image for painting or drafting technical designs, having a reliable T square can alleviate frustration. This 36” heavy-duty square has precise calibrations and markings that won’t wear off over time like many other squares.

Skeleton Model

skeleton model

The human body can be one of the hardest things to draw. If you can master the human skeletal structure, you can draw about anything. This 16.5” skeleton is anatomically correct and has detachable parts. Try drawing the whole figure or zooming in on body parts for interesting designs and compositions.

3D Pen

3d pen

3D pens have come a long way over the last 10 years. This is a wonderful gift for kids who love crafts or a good way for those new to 3D modeling to learn the process. Compact and easily portable, you can craft unique sculptures just about anywhere.

Studio Easel

OK, so studio easels can be pretty sexy. However, it isn’t something that usually jumps into an artist’s mind when they have a recently-acquired budget for supplies.

studio easel

This Richeson Dulce easel is extremely sturdy, built with more sustainable wood than most easels, and will last a long time (I’ve had mine for 20 years). It extends to hold canvases up to 84”, and you can replace the feet with casters for mobility.

Make arts and crafts in style when you save on this beauty! Deals like this don’t come around every day!

The Verdict

Deals, deals, deals. Whew! So MANY Black Friday deals! If this list didn’t excite you, you should probably take up tennis. But seriously, there is something here for every artist to save on every budget. The problem is how to divide your budget to get the most out of these exciting Black Friday arts deals.

For more ideas on how to shop for the best products to fill your arts and crafts studio, don’t forget to check out our article on The Best Oil Painting Supplies.

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