7 of the Best Website Builders for Artists

best website builders for artists

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Want to showcase your art to the world?

Having an artist website is the same as having a 24-hour-a-day global art gallery that’s open 365 days in a year. There’s no better EXPOSURE than this!

Since you’ve come across this article, you’ve considered creating an artist website of your own. The only problem is, in the midst of practicing your art skills, starting a website from scratch is hard to do!

Also, without any coding knowledge, it’s very difficult to build an aesthetic website suitable for your own art style. That being the case, it’s time to consider which is the best website builder for artists you can use to ease the way.

Below, we’ve provided a list of options for you to choose from. Have a look and see some of the best website builder for artists available online:

Top 3 Best Website Builders at a Glance



Product Details

Best Overall Website Builder

  • Wix comes with 900+ templates for easy website customization.
  • Equipped with a “Media Galleries” layout for displaying your artwork in style.
  • Highly optimizable, you can configure your paintings to look exactly how you want on the screen to achieve the best effect.

#2: Squarespace


Best Website Builder for Beginner

  • Squarespace pricing starts at $16 dollars a month, making it relatively affordable for beginner artists who want to create art portfolio websites
  • Various layout options (including “Gallery” mode) for displaying your paintings to the global art world beautifully.
  • Beautiful and aesthetically pleasing templates that are easier to use than the other site builders available on the market.

#3: Art Storefronts


Best Builder for Artist Websites

  • Artist-built website builder that has been developed (and will continue to be developed) based on the needs of artists — ensuring that all your art-related needs will be met in the future.
  • Comes with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builder that makes it easy to customize your art portfolio website.
  • Offers extra protection for artist ownership, which allows you to safeguard your artist rights better than other art-e-commerce options.

1. Wix – Best Overall Website Builder for Artists

Starting Price: $4.50 to $17 per month

Score: 4.8/5!!!


wix - best overall website builder for artists


Website Builder Specifications

Online Art Portfolio Website Plans

  • Wix Connect Domain: $4.50/mo
  • Wix Combo: $8.50/mo
  • Wix Unlimited: $12.50/month
  • Wix VIP: $24.50/month

Art Store Plans

  • Wix Business Basic: $17/month
  • Wix Business Unlimited: $25/month
  • Wix Business VIP: $35/month
  • Free Trial: 14 days
  • Free Option: Yes
  • Free Domain: Yes
  • Other Features: Built-in SEO Marketing tools
  • Customer Support: 24/7 support available

For those looking for the best website builder, it’s more than likely Wix has been recommended to you before by acquaintances — it’s just that popular!

Wix has been around for a long time, and it’s acknowledged as one of the best website builders in the market. As for whether it can be considered the best website builder for artists specifically, that depends on your needs.

You won’t miss out on much with Wix. It has all the bells and whistles, as well as art-focused templates that you can use to quick-start your art portfolio website (if what you want is a simple art portfolio) or your own Wix e-commerce art shop (if what you want is to sell your art).

wix website templates

It’s not complicated to get started with Wix. Plus, it has useful features for creatives that will make it easier for you to create an aesthetic website. The available customizable templates can be counted up to 900+. There’s also the popular drag-and-drop function and an ADI editor for 100% customization.

Plus, if you’re a complete beginner, Wix offers an additional ‘support’ package in regards to SEO and email marketing, which should help you when collecting popularity for your website.

As for pricing, the plans can be seen above, it’s pretty affordable. More so than any of the website builders for artists on this list.

A FREE plan is also available, but you’ll have to be bombarded with Wix-related ads. So it depends on what you want personally. All in all, Wix fully deserves the title “Best Overall Website Builder for Artists”. It’s a good choice if you want to get started on a professional website with e-commerce functionality quickly!



  • 900+ template options in a variety of styles
  • Includes helpful functions for artists and other creatives
  • Intuitive website builder that is simple and easy to use

  • Not art-specific. Could do with more art-related tools


2. Squarespace – Best Website Builder for Beginners

Starting Price: $16 per month

Score: 4.75/5!!!


squarespace - best website builder for beginners


Website Builder Specifications

  • Squarespace Personal: $16/mo
  • Squarespace Business: $23/mo
  • Squarespace Commerce: $27/mo
  • Free Trial: 14 days
  • Free Option: No
  • Other Features: Built-in SEO Marketing tools
  • Free Domain: Yes
  • Customer Support: 24/7 support available (email), live chat available Mon-Fri 4 AM-8 PM EDT

If what you’re worried about when you’re searching for the best website builders is the ‘intuitiveness’ of the program, then you should consider Squarespace.

Just like Wix, Squarespace is a big name in the website builders market. A lot of creatives flock to it, especially for its well-designed modern templates.

It’s true that the number of free templates that Squarespace has available is less than Wix. BUT, they’re far more aesthetically pleasing. The clean look they use also works better for artists who want to display their art without too much visual disruption.

squarespace - templates

As for features, one of the key features Squarespace has is that it offers ‘Image Galleries’. If you slap this function on your website, you can be sure to attract a lot of attention! Basically, it works like a slideshow, wherein one content (be it in text, image, video, etc) is flipped one after another.

Squarespace also offers drag-and-drop for extra customization and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing support so that you can attract art lovers to your website quickly. All in all, it deserves to be one of the top website builders for artists today. It also deserves the title “Easiest Website Builder To Use” for those who want to get their art business started quickly.

As for its pricing. Squarespace’s cheapest plan is its “Personal Plan” but it’s fairly limited. It includes a free custom domain, but its storage and e-commerce functions are limited. It’s okay for a small personal site or online portfolio. But you’ll want to update it sooner or later.

If you’re looking to build an online store, we suggest looking at its “Business Plan”. It comes with useful e-commerce features and is the best for selling artwork online.



  • Intuitive editor for beginners
  • Easy-to-use ecommerce builder with built-in e-commerce features
  • Clean and eye-catching free templates for quick website building

  • The personal plan only offers unlimited bandwidth, it does not offer other unlimited products


3. ArtStorefronts – Best Builder for Artist’s Websites

Starting Price: FREE

Score: 4.65/5!!!


artstorefronts - best builder for artist's websites


Website Builder Specifications

  • Special Offer: FREE website and FREE management
  • Free Version: Yes
  • Free Domain: Yes
  • Other Features: Direct support from professionals
  • Customer Support: 24/7 support available
ArtStorefronts is the one we chose as the “Best Website Builder For Artists” because it was developed to be a website builder for artists.

It has all of the basic features that a good website builder for artists should have. That includes intuitive site-building tools (e.g., drag and drop editor), business tools, built-in SEO tools, and more. Also, unlike WordPress sites, you don’t have to buy web hosting or a custom domain to develop your website. All in all, as a site builder, it should be said it is quite complete.

What is most exciting about ArtStorefronts is that it is created by artists and for artists!

Also, because it has only just been established, it comes with a comprehensive free plan that will allow you to get your online store on the internet without any worries! Currently, they even offer one-to-one coaching and consulting so that you don’t have to stress your mind on anything other than creating art.

artstorefronts' special offer

As a relatively new site builder, it cannot be said to be the top of the top. HOWEVER, its potential is unlimited. At the very least, you can be certain that any future updates will be directly related to art and will only help serve your needs better and better.

If you want to check it out, now is the time to do it. ArtStorefronts is currently offering a ‘Special Offer’ that includes everything you need to start creating your online store sooner.



  • Drag and drop editor for 100% customization
  • Endless customization options for Artists
  • Free plan comes with e-commerce tools and support

  • Newly launched website builder


4. Shopify – Best Website Builder for Artists Selling Art Online

Starting Price: $29 per month

Score: 4.5/5!!!


shopify - best website builder for artists selling art online

Compared to the other website builders for artists on this list, our next pick, Shopify, is the best if what you want to do is sell artwork. This is the best website builder for artists selling art online!

Shopify’s e-commerce website builder is quite feature-rich. So you don’t have to worry about anything when selling your artwork. It’s very scalable too, so you can proceed with selling online without worrying about having to switch platforms midway.

The best thing about Shopify is that it has an app as a plug-in. This app not only allows you to receive payments easily from various channels on your phone, but it also offers some design functions that you can use to update your artist websites when you’re on the go.

artist website builders

Take note, whilst Shopify is certainly the best for setting up online stores for artwork, it might not necessarily be the best website builder for artists out there.

The customization features are a bit lacking, and it’s not so intuitive to use. If you don’t mind pouring some more time into building your website, it shouldn’t matter. However, if what you want is a quick fix, this is definitely not the choice for you.



  • Highly scalable
  • Most powerful marketing tools available
  • Social Media Integration that allows you to connect your website with your social media accounts

  • Limited customization


5. GoDaddy – Quickest Website Builder for Artists

Starting Price: $9.99 per month

Score: 4.45/5!!!


godaddy - quickest website builder for artists

Of the best site builders on this list, the GoDaddy website builder is the easiest to use for start-up. If you’re looking for a no-fuss website builder that can be used without any knowledge about web development, then the GoDaddy website builder is definitely the best choice.

The site builder comes with an AI program that can help you set up your website within a few minutes. All you have to do is follow the steps and you’re done! Making it one of the best website builders for artists who want to focus on their art and don’t have much time to spare with other external things.

In terms of other features, it can’t be said to be top-of-the-line, especially in terms of customization. However, it comes with all the essential bits and pieces required for marketing, SEO, and so on. Its pricing is also relatively cheap, so you can get by without worrying about your budget for the first few years.



  • Equipped with ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) for quick site building
  • Complete e-commerce features for selling artwork
  • Cheap basic plan for those on a small budget

  • Templates are lacking in style


6. Hostinger – Best Website Builder for Marketing

Starting Price: $2.99 per month

Score: 4.35/5!!!


hostinger - best website builder for marketing

Hostinger is a web hosting provider that just so happens to have a website builder available. It’s not as feature-rich as other options out there, but the subscription packages are cheap and as a hosting platform you have a guarantee that your artist’s website will be able to go online.

As for its actual website-building features. You can expect comprehensive e-commerce features and the usual drag-and-drop editor for website customization. This way, you have everything you need to get your website started and running.



  • Best choice for solid hosting
  • Complete marketing and e-commerce features
  • Suitable for setting up small-scale online art portfolio websites

  • Lacking in features, not as comprehensive as other options


7. Bluehost – Best Priced Website Builder

Starting Price: $2.75 per month

Score: 4.25/5!!!


bluehost - best priced website builder

Just like the previous website builder, our next pick, Bluehost, is primarily a website hosting platform. It offers a website builder in its paid plan to make it easier for its customers to get started. Everything is integrated with their packages, so you can get started with your website sooner.

As far as features go, Bluehost is not too different from other site builders. It has all the basic functions, and the best part? It comes very cheap! The basic plan is only $2.75 per month. With the rest of their early paid plans ranging from $5-10 per month.



  • Best in value
  • Offers WordPress integration
  • Solid hosting support

  • Other website building functionality is limited


How to Choose the Right Website Builder?

If you want to choose the right site builder for yourself, there are a couple of things that you need to consider. We’ve compiled them in the list below according to the judging criteria used for the website builders for artists listed above:

  • Performance: How well does the site builder work? If the website doesn’t function smoothly, there’s really no use for it at all! Thus, all the options introduced in our Top 7 website builders list are highly functional and are guaranteed to run your site smoothly.
  • E-commerce Capabilities: Even if you’re mostly interested in opening up an art portfolio online, it would still be best to choose one with e-commerce functions so that you can sell some prints of your artwork. On the other hand, builders with intensive marketing and e-commerce functions, like Shopify, are not needed unless you’re lacking a ready-made audience.
  • Features: You can get by with a builder with basic features if you’re only looking to build simple websites. It’ll just take a little more time, and perhaps, even some coding skills. If you’re willing to spend that time and have the skills, choosing a simpler builder is okay. Otherwise, builders like Wix, Squarespace, etc. with ready-made templates are the best choice.
  • Pricing: The site builders on our list vary quite a bit in pricing. So you can choose freely based on your budget. Just a reminder! We don’t recommend choosing one just because it’s cheaper. If you’re really strapped for cash, it’s better to wait for your favorite platform to open up special offers — which most builders do during the holidays.


Website Builder


Templates Available

Free Domain Name


Starting Price

Free Plan





Wix ADI & Wix Editor




For Beginners



Section-based Editor




For Artists



Drag-and-Drop Editor





For Selling Artwork



Drag-and-Drop Editor




For Quick Set-Up



ADI Editor




For Marketing



Drag-and-Drop & AI Editor




In Value



Drag-and-Drop Editor



How to Set up an Artists Website?

If you want to see a comprehensive tutorial for setting up an Artist’s Website, then it’s best to have a look at this “Art Portfolio” video from @HappyD.Artist on YouTube. She goes through the process in its entirety using Squarespace.

Her basic process is as follows:

  1. Choose a Website Builder: Select the site builder that best suits your needs. @HappyD.Artist chose Squarespace, but the process is the same no matter what builder you choose.
    choose a website builder
  2. Decide what kind of website you want to build. Whether it’s a simple art portfolio for showcasing your art or an online shop for selling prints and originals of your work.
  3. Pick a suitable template according to your aesthetics. Generally speaking, a more modern template with clean lines and a simple color scheme would be best for fully showcasing the advantages of your art. However, an out-of-the-box template is okay as long as you set it up correctly! best website for artists
  4. Design your website according to what you want it to look like. This is the step that will take the longest to complete. We can’t tell you how to do it either. It all depends on your specific needs. We can only suggest that you take a look at other artists’ websites so that you have a basic reference. web design for artists
  5. Finish your domain name set-up. You should have been given a domain name after signing up with the website-building platform. If not, it’s time to get a new one from a reliable source so that your site can go online.

That’s it! It’s really not all that difficult to build a website. Managing it will be a little more complicated, of course. But that depends entirely on your conditions. For example, if you already have a large audience base, you won’t need to do extensive marketing.


Do You Need a Website as an Artist?

You don’t need a website as an artist, but it’s very convenient to have one! Most artists are perfectly satisfied with having their social media serve as their online art portfolio. However, social media is definitely not as credible or professional as having a personal artist website.

In this way, if you want to enter the art industry and become a recognized professional artist, not having a website of your own may send the wrong signals to interested parties.

How Do I Start Selling My Art?

If you want to start selling art, you not only need to prepare a website where you advertise your artwork, you also need to have reliable equipment for displaying your artwork online. For example, you’ll need either a professional-grade camera or a high-quality scanner that will allow you to post your art to sell either as prints or originals.

You will also need to learn how to market your art appropriately. Most site builders have support for this, but just in case, it’s best to study the market accordingly. You can check out other online stores or watch some videos from authoritative YouTubers who have experience in selling their art on the internet.

how do I start selling my art?
(Image Source)

Can I Protect My Artwork With a Website Builder?

Some website builders offer protective functions for creatives who want to sell their artwork on the internet. However, those features are not very comprehensive.

It’s best to prepare some protective measures of your own. For example, you can add watermarks on your artwork that are difficult to remove. This is a relatively simple solution that will allow you to keep your art safe. Otherwise, you can try to do some more advanced coding so that visitors to your site can’t get high-quality copies of your art.

Final Thoughts: Choose the Best Website Builder for You!

Now that you’ve been introduced to some of the best website builders for artists in the market, you have the opportunity to choose the right one for you! Our favorite overall is Wix.

Consider the subject from all aspects so that you can find the right fit. Whether it’s about budget, functionality, performance, aesthetic inclination, and so on and so forth. After choosing, don’t hesitate to charge straight forward. The sooner your website goes online, the better!

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