Best Online Acrylic Painting Classes: A Fine Artist’s Guide

online acrylic painting classes

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Improving your painting skills with the best online acrylic painting classes is best done with research. You don’t want to pay money for something that doesn’t even help.

With so many acrylic painting courses available online, it’s difficult to narrow things down. Should you focus more on an affordable price or would it be better to pay for courses that offer one-on-one training?

After you read the comparison guide below, you’ll finally be able to narrow down the paint courses you need to grow as an artist.

Best Acrylic Painting Classes



Product Details

Best Overall Course

  • You’ll get a blend of artistic and business advice for your future career
  • Well-rounded for all skill levels- You’ll receive a large subscription discount

Best Course Diversity

  • You have access to a variety of courses
  • You’ll also get a seven-day free trial
  • Beginner friendly

Best Flexible Pricing Tiers

  • You can budget with several subscription tiers
  • In-depth courses
  • Professionally focused

Best Overall Courses: Domestika


Overall Rating: 5/5


You’ve likely already come across Domestika thanks to their proactive marketing campaigns.

Domestika reigns supreme as an accessible resource for creators of all skill levels. However, they still don’t have as many acrylics courses as other painting options.


  • Domestika offers a mixture of practical techniques and business advice. Jesper Esping’s course is a must-have for fantasy illustrators.
  • They have a solid amount of acrylic painting classes that offer broad advice as well as specific skills.
  • They offer a Plus subscription with massive discounts on paint courses for less than $10/mo.
  • Your purchase provides unlimited access.
  • These courses come with additional support such as active forums. This is great for getting constructive critique on your techniques or finished painting.


  • Jesper Ejsing’s course is stated to be beginner-friendly, yet may still be a little too complex for beginner artists.
  • If you’re tired of subscription models, you may grow weary of Domestika’s approach to painting and drawing education. Their acrylic paint courses offer a flat fee that only gets a discount if you subscribe.
  • Domestika offers live Q&A sessions and forums, but no one-on-one mentoring.

There’s a good reason why the fascinating Fantasy Acrylic Painting course is at the top of the acrylic course page. Sign up for Jesper Ejsing’s Domestika course today.

Best Course Diversity: Skillshare


Overall Rating: 4.7/5


Skillshare is a resource for painters who want to create a little bit of everything, from new techniques to different styles such as abstract painting or landscape painting.

If you want to learn acrylic paint, then switch to oil painting or mixed media, their course diversity meets you halfway. Just don’t expect much in the way of coaching or group painting study.


  • Cat Coquillette’s course is incredibly helpful for commercial artists eager to sell merchandise such as wall art or t-shirts.
  • They provide hundreds of acrylic classes, whether you want to start an art journal or painting for beginners.
  • Skillshare’s straightforward cost is appealing if you’re tired of subscription tiers.
  • A free seven-day trial lets you figure out if you enjoy their paint courses before committing.
  • There are plenty of course discounts to save you money (and buy more paints).


  • Artists who enjoy more realistic styles may not get much out of Cat’s paint course.
  • The diversity in painting and drawing courses could cause choice fatigue.
  • Skillshare doesn’t offer course mentorship, a huge part of the creative process.
  • No certifications if you want to supplement your acrylics or oil painting portfolio.

Skillshare’s Modern Acrylic Painting course by Cat Coquillette is a fun course on creating modern designs. Sign up for Cat Coquillette’s Skillshare course today.

Best Flexible Pricing Tiers: Udemy


Overall Rating: 4.6/5


Udemy has a well-known reputation as a reliable resource for working artists who need to upskill their drawing and painting abilities.

They provide a reliable resource to paint like a professional. If you want painting for beginners, they may be too costly.


  • Rod Moore’s course is incredibly helpful for understanding the more abstract parts of impressionism.
  • Their pricing models provide variety for students and professionals. While individuals will likely only need the first two, they offer plans if you plan to expand your business.
  • They offer 11,000 courses to 25,000 courses overall, including over 3,000 acrylic painting classes.
  • Their interface makes it very easy to search for a course based on skill level or educational features. 


  • Artists who don’t care for impressionist styles or landscapes may find his paint course unfulfilling.
  • Individual courses can be expensive, ranging between $20 to over $100.
  • Their course plans can still be limited, sometimes not offering the specific course you want to take.
  • Some pricing tiers may not be appealing to artists who don’t plan on expanding their painting business.

A solid place to start with Udemy is Rod Moore’s Acrylic Painting Course for creating soft, impressionist seascapes. Sign up for their Udemy acrylic courses today.

Best Interactive Option: New Masters Academy

new masters academy

Overall Rating: 4.5/5


New Masters Academy offers an online art school if an in-person school is too expensive – alongside in-depth classes on acrylic paints, they offer painting add-ons such as a stock library, coaching, and interactive classes.

They’re one of the best ways to achieve an art school-level education. Just be prepared to save up for their higher painting subscription tiers.


  • Gary Meyer’s course is especially helpful for intermediate and expert artists who want to brush up on painting from imagination.
  • New Masters Academy is accessible to students who want to avoid student loan debt, but need access to the expertise of certified instructors and working artists.
  • Their digital campus feature recreates the art school experience with clubs, weekly events, and interactive study groups with other painting and drawing students.
  • Their flexible pricing allows you to access resources such as 3D libraries or group coaching.
  • They offer a completion certificate if you want to promote your growth in your portfolio or artist CV.


  • Beginner artists may find Gary Meyer’s course a little too advanced to start with.
  • Their most elaborate tier could be a little pricey for some at $200/mo, which can cut into your budget for other supplies like paints and brushes.
  • Artists who prefer to learn drawing and painting solo won’t get quite as much out of this acrylic catalog.

Painting from imagination can be tough, so Gary Meyer crafted a landscape course to help you master the skill. Sign up for their New Masters Academy acrylic course today.

5 Tips for Choosing the Most Compatible Online Acrylic Painting Classes

choosing the most compatible online acrylic painting classes

Choosing acrylic courses simply because they’re popular won’t help you grow as an artist. You need to tailor each class to your lifestyle and goals to make every dollar count.

If You’re Indecisive, Always Try a Trial First

Pick a video on acrylics and go through the drawing and painting process as if you already signed up – this will be more than enough to determine if you’re enjoying your class.

Skillshare offers a free seven-day trial (on top of many discounts).

Ask Yourself if You’re a Hobbyist, Student, or Professional

Each of these online acrylics resources offers something different depending on your art journey. Some are better suited for beginners, while others are geared toward professionals who want to paint, and then sell their art.

For example, New Masters Academy and Udemy are ideal for students or professionals who need to create commercial paintings. On the other hand, Skillshare is well-suited to hobbyists and recent students who enjoy a solo drawing and painting class.

Figure Out What Your Skill Level Is

You’ll grow your drawing and painting techniques faster when you accurately measure your skill level. Some of these resources have a high amount of expert-level acrylic painting courses, while others are geared toward beginners.

For beginners or those inching into intermediate, Skillshare is a good place to start a painting class. If you’re a student or working professional, try New Masters Academy.

Choose a Course That Suits Your Personality and Lifestyle

It’s easier to learn new drawing and painting techniques when the courses suit you as a person. For example, if you paint better with outside pressure and try to learn solo, you could end up frustrated.

New Masters Academy is ideal for those who want to be part of a drawing and painting community or need one-on-one class instruction. Domestika is ideal for solo paint sessions.

Don’t Feel Like You Have to Break the Bank to Learn

Your skill level is not dependent on your wallet, so don’t feel like you have to go broke for your paintings.

You do have to save up for paints and brushes, after all. Balancing budget with value for your paintings can look like this:

  • Only getting painting and drawing courses on areas you’re struggling with
  • Starting off with a lower subscription tier
  • Pacing yourself with a few art courses at a time (or even just one painting class)

The Best Online Acrylic Painting Classes Will Help You Level Up

the best online acrylic painting classes

From learning quick drying properties as a beginner to developing professional skills, there’s a painting course for you. The best overall acrylics resource is Domestika, though all of these courses have several benefits.

New Masters Academy provides the art school experience, though Skillshare’s affordability could make your course study more accessible.

Want to learn watery washes or create vibrant textures? Sign up for Jesper Ejsing’s Domestika course to support your acrylic paint or oil painting journey.

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