Top 12 Best Drawing Tablet for Mac to Release Your Imagination

Graphic tablet wacom

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There are so many different drawing tablet options to choose from, as well as lots of different opinions and price levels.

How are you supposed to pick the best drawing tablet for Mac OS? How are you supposed to narrow it down to just one option?

You wake up one day believing you have the answer and the next day you’re not so sure. It’s exhausting.
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The good news? It’s completely normal to worry about getting the right and best drawing tablet, especially for beginners. Your best bet is with a tablet that delivers:

  • Good compatibility with a Mac computer
  • Proper performance needed to create digital art
  • Reliability to serve your artistic needs for several years

I tested dozens of options to bring you in-depth reviews and recommendations you can trust.

Top Picks for the Best Drawing Tablets for Mac



Product Details

#1. Wacom Cintiq 16

Overall Best Drawing Tablet

  • High resolution: The resolution has unrivalled clarity so that you can create the most vivid details in your artwork.
  • Battery-free pen: No recharging or battery replacement is required so you can draw and create with ease.
  • 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity: This delivers outstanding line precision.
  • Reduced parallax: You’ll enjoy the most natural drawing experience

#2. XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro

Best Drawing Tablet for MacBook Air

  • Battery-free stylus: You can draw for hours, no matter where you are.
  • Full-laminated technology: It seamlessly belnds with the glass screen to create a distraction-free environment and pleasing-to-the-eye experience.
  • 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity: You can create more natural lines.

#3. Apple iPad Pro

Most Mac-Compatible Drawing Tablet

  • Liquid Retina display: You can easily create and edit even the finest details of your artwork.
  • Wirelessly charging pen: You can create without the battery running out and having to wait for it to recharge.
  • It’s a stand-alone drawing pad: You can use the tablet without a secondary computer.

#4. GAOMON PD1161

Best Affordable Drawing Tablet for Beginners

  • Lightweight: It weighs 0.8kgs. You can carry it on the go.
  • Excellent Mac Compatibility: The tablet is compatible with macOS 10.12 and above.
  • No parallax: You experience the most natural drawing feel.
  • 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity: You get virtually lag-free tracking.

#5. Wacom Cintiq 22

Best High-End Drawing Tablet for Professionals

  • Near-to-zero parallax: The cursor is always at the pen tip to provide you a drawing experience that’s as natural as possible.
  • 1920×1080 HD Display: You’ll be able to view every aspect of your artwork with greater clarity.
  • 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity: for greater precision
  • Comes with an adjustable stand: The stand delivers working flexibility.

#6. Huion Kamvas 12 Pro

The Best Balance of Money and Performance

  • Natural tilt support: You get the traditional drawing feel.
  • Affordable: You’ll pay less for a tablet without sacrificing performance.
  • Fully-laminated anti-glare glass: This protects your eyes from glare damage.

#7. HUION KAMVAS 22 Plus

Best Price to Quality Ratio Graphics Tablets

  • Customisable hotkeys: You can create shortcuts for functions you use frequently.
  • A battery-free pen: No worrying about recharging or battery replacement.
  • It works with almost all drawing software. This provides ultimate versatility.

#8. Wacom Cintiq Pro 24

The Most Advanced Display Tablet for Professionals

  • 4K screen: The display immerses you into finer details of even the most demanding projects.
  • A wireless stylus: This technology eliminates bulky wires.
  • Shortcut remote: The tablet comes with a Wacom Express Key remote that lets you  customise 17 hotkeys for convenience.

#9. XP-Pen Artist22E Pro

Best High-End Drawing Tablet for Mac

  • Pixel-perfect resolution: This makes the tablet rich in details and easy on the eye.
  • Maximum possible pen pressure: You can create even the most detailed digital art.
  • Spacious drawing surface: It allows you to work with large drawings easily.

#10. XP-Pen Artist 12

Best Drawing Tablet for Traveling Artists

  • Compact: It’s ideal for on-the-go use.
  • The pen has a digital eraser on one end: It erases your drawings like a traditional pencil.
  • Comes with a set of power adapters: If you travel to different countries, you’ll have the right adapter.

#11. Huion KAMVAS GT-191 V2

Best Drawing Tablet for Kids

  • Full HD IPS display: Your drawing will have all-natural colours.
  • A battery-free pen: It requires no charging or battery replacement.
  • Anti-glare screen cover: This, combined with the 178-degree viewing angle, allows you to draw from a variety of perspectives.

#12. VEIKK VK1560

Best Colour-Accuracy Drawing Tablet

  • High colour gamut: This makes the tablet excellent for colour-rich drawing.
  • Extra 10 nibs: Whenever one gets used up, you can easily replace it.
  • A battery-free pen: It doesn’t require charging or battery replacement.

Drawing Tablets for Mac Review

1. Wacom Cintiq 16—the Overall Best Drawing Tablet for Mac

Wacom Cintiq

The ability to create intuitively on Wacom Cintiq 16 might be minor, but it’s enough to keep the king on its throne. Its 15.6” display and battery-free pen give it a productive and pleasant surface that was previously only available on the more expensive Wacom tablets.

The HD display is crystal clear, allowing you to see fine details. The reduced parallax effect provides you with complete control so that your cursor is precisely where you expect it to be. The combination gives you a natural drawing-on-paper feel.

The Wacom Cintiq 16 has excellent compatibility with Mac. However, there are several other reasons why I consider this my favourite drawing tablet in the Wacom Cintiq line.


  • An impressive pen pressure sensitivity of 8192 levels: The Wacom 16 uses the Wacom Pro Pen 2, which has a high-pressure sensitivity allowing it to capture every stroke with precise detail.
  • A display built for creativity: The Cintiq 16 has an incredible colour gamut, excellent granular refresh rate,  and 1920 x 1080 display resolution, allowing for detailed clarity—even when handling professional graphics projects.
  • Large active drawing area: The Wacom Cintiq 16 features an ample 16.6 x 11.2 inches drawing surface, allowing you to create large drawings, logos, and architectural designs.
  • Direct on-screen drawing: The tablet delivers a seamless drawing experience that feels like drawing on paper.
  • The pen looks and feels like a regular pen: You don’t have to learn any new techniques before drawing digitally.


  • Lacks hotkeys: While this keeps the device looking neat, you’ll need to use the computer’s keyboard for editing your artwork.
  • Pricey: More suited to professionals who want to make a living from their art.

With ample drawing room and an incredible display, the Wacom Cintiq 16 should be a consideration for any digital artist.


2. XP Pen Artist 15.6 Pro—Best Graphics Tablet for MacBook Air

Black XP Pen Artist 15.6 Pro

For many artists, pricing makes a major difference, therefore XP-Pen designed the Artist 15.6 Pro to compete with Wacom’s Cintiq 16.

The tablet comes with a battery-free stylus and a 60-degree tilt, giving you more control and fluidity in your creative output.


  • Incredibly lightweight and thin: The XP Pen Deco is light, with an ultra-thin body of 8mm. You really can’t get any lighter or thinner than this. This is ideal for any designers and artists who are constantly on the move.
  • High levels of pressure sensitivity: With 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, you have more control over strokes and details. This is great for art designs and photo retouching.
  • Innovative shortcut hotkeys: The tablet has a red dial and shortcuts keys on the interface for optimal efficiency.


  • Driver issues: The pen calibration doesn’t rotate 180 degrees to accomodate left-handed users.  
  • Poor customer support: Suppose you have driver problems—the manufacturer, although claiming to do so—will not provide adequate support.

The XP Pen is an excellent affordable drawing tablet to go with your MacBook Air.


3. Apple iPad Pro—the Most Mac-Compatible Drawing Tablet

2020 Apple iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is the most compatible drawing tablet for Mac since they’re both in the Apple ecosystem. However, there are two aspects that set this tablet apart:

  • The liquid retina XDR display is excellent for drawing more detailed artwork, editing your sketch, and painting. Its 1000 nits of full-screen brightness and 1600 nits of peak brightness give you a true tone for comfortable viewing.
  • It’s portable and doesn’t require an extra computer.

This doesn’t mean this tablet is the best. It’s not a dedicated drawing tablet after all. Nonetheless, I found it surprisingly great to draw on.


  • Connection to your Mac is seamless: You don’t need any special drivers since both the tablet and Mac computer are Apple products. Simply connect them together via cable or wirelessly and start drawing.
  • There’s almost no lag when drawing: You can enjoy an incredibly smooth drawing experience.
  • Liquid Retina Display: Your sketching surface will feel responsive and look great.


  • Doesn’t feel natural: The screen is glossy, and drawing doesn’t feel as natural as drawing on an actual drawing tablet.
  • It only produces RGB colour: While it’s a stand-alone option, you’ll still need a computer to convert your artwork colour into CMYK for printing.

The iPad Pro is the best iPad for drawing. It also offers a great display and superb drawing accuracy through the excellent Apple pen.


4. Gaomon PD1161—Best Beginner Drawing Tablet

Black Gammon PD1161 tablet for beginner

What sets the GAOMON PD1161 apart from competitors such as Apple’s iPad Pro? It offers uncompromised quality at a lower price.

Despite the price, you get an 11.2” drawing surface, a high-resolution screen, the highest pressure sensitivity possible, and tilt technology that mimics natural drawing.


  • 8192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity: The tablet is extremely responsive, allowing you to easily draw both light and powerful strokes.
  • Seamless wireless connection with Mac: You can move your tablet about your workspace without the hassle of cords.
  • Excellent value for money: The GAOMON PD1161 packs nearly all features an artist might want at a bargain, which perfectly balances performance and price.


  • It comes with a low-quality screen protector: The pen scratches the screen protector after a few hours of use, making the picture fuzzy.
  • The wireless connection drains the tablet’s battery quickly.

From a low price to seamless Mac compatibility, the GAOMON PD1171 ticks all the boxes. It’s a great option for artists on a tight budget that need a display tablet.


5. Wacom Cintiq 22—Best Drawing Tablet for Professionals

 Wacom Cintiq 22 Drawing Tablet with HD Screen

The Wacom Cintiq 22 is one of the best drawing tablets for professional artists who aren’t on a budget. Unlike the Wacom Intuos Pro, it features nearly everything an artist would want from a tablet.

It features the largest active drawing area and allows you to draw directly on the screen.

The tablet’s display also features an anti-glare screen that enables artists to work for hours without straining their eyes.

In other words, you get a lot of bang for your buck.


  • Spacious drawing-room: With a 19.5 x 11.5 inch workspace, you’ll have enough space for your drawing needs.
  • Anti-glare screen: This ensures you can work for hours without eye strain, even if you’re looking at the screen for long durations.
  • The Pen Pro 2 doesn’t require charging: Wacom Cintiq’s stylus uses battery-free technology that allows you to draw for long lengths of time with ease.


  • The screen isn’t bright enough: In very bright environments and direct sunlight, you may struggle to see the screen as you draw.
  • The tablet has no buttons: You can’t configure any shortcuts like you can with all other competitors.

If you’re looking for a tablet with a large drawing area, the Cintiq 22 is your best bet. It’s reasonably priced and comes with an anti-glare screen for protection.


6. Huion KAMVAS Pro—the Best Balance of Money and Performance

Black Huion Kamvas best performance tablet

Even though the Huion KAMVAS Pro 12 Tablet is marketed as the best option for Android smartphones, it can also be used on a Mac if the proper drivers are installed. This makes it the best choice if you’re a Mac user who also wants Android compatibility.

The tablet also comes with an innovative tilt control system. It allows for better pressure detection and accurate positioning of the cursor at different angles to deliver the true feeling of the painting.

It’s also one of the most cost-effective drawing tablets on the market.  It’s less expensive than the Wacom Cintiq 22.

However if you’re using intensive drawing software, you’ll want to avoid the Huion H610 drawing tablet because it’ll lag.


  • A wireless, battery-free stylus: You don’t need to carry charging cables.
  • Natural tilt support: Support for up to 60° of tilt to deliver a traditional-drawing feel without compromising the delicacy of each line input.
  • A spacious drawing surface: The 11.6” screen allows you to work on larger drawings without having to zoom or pan.


  • The stand is unreliable: Any significant pressure causes the tablet to slide down.
  • The tilt recognition doesn’t stand out: Once you start tilting your pen, the cursor stops aligning with the actual pen tip.

The Huion KAMVAS Pro 12 is well-priced and offers nearly all the features an artist requires.

When you’re on a budget yet don’t want to compromise on performance, this is the ideal option.


7. Huion KAMVAS 22 Plus—One of the Best Price to Quality Ratio Graphics Tablets

Black Huion Kamvas 22 best price graphics tablet

The KAMVAS 22 Plus is a stylish, high-end graphics tablet with plenty of capability. Although it isn’t one of the most popular graphic tablets, most users praise it as excellent.

One aspect that makes this drawing tablet stand out is its large drawing space. Unlike most drawing tablets, its working spac measures 21.5 inches and has a smooth paper-like texture surface. This combination allows the device to deliver a natural-drawing feel.


  • A design with the lowest possible parallax: You have complete control over the cursor, allowing you to place it exactly where you want it.
  • A battery-free stylus: The pen does not require charging, awkward wires, or battery shopping, allowing you to sketch and create with ease.
  • Compatible with nearly all drawing software: You can use Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Autodesk, or even Paint Tool SAI with this tablet.


  • Expensive: It isn’t for an artist on a budget.
  • It’s difficult to calibrate colours on this tablet.

The HUION KAMVAS 22 Plus is the best choice if you’re after a large drawing tablet or if planning to work on large drawings. Otherwise, you’re good with medium-size tablets.


8. Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 Drawing Tablet—The Most Advanced Tablet for Mac

Black Wacom Cintiq pro 24 most advanced drawing tablet

Wacom is honing in on what makes a drawing tablet perfect.

The Cintiq Pro 24 includes a 24 inch screen with a 4K resolution, and colour fidelity of 99% RGB. You get a large area to work on and impressive colour details—all without the need to zoom in.

Unlike any other tablet, Cintiq Pro 24 comes with a remote control with 19 hotkeys that allow you to customise your own shortcuts.


  • A wireless stylus: With no cords, you can easily balance the pen’s weight when drawing digital art. This reduces the risk of repetitive strain injury.
  • Express keys remote: It comes with 17 buttons and a touch ring that you can assign to any shortcut in your drawing software.
  • Ergonomic tablet stand: The tablet has a built-in foldable stand that makes drawing on the large screen easy.


  • Too big for beginners: For beginners, a medium-size tablet like the Cintiq Pro 16 will suffice.
  • The tablet’s fan is periodically noisy: If you work in a quiet environment, the noise can be a deal-breaker

On top of a large drawing pad, the Cintiq Pro comes with an ecosystem of accessories like different stands and an express keys remote that you can’t find anywhere else. It isn’t for beginners, but it’s a dream tablet for many artists.


9. XP-Pen Artist22E Pro—Best High-End Drawing Tablet for Mac

Black XP-Pen Artist22E pro high end drawing tablet

The XP-Pen 22″ Graphic Monitor IPS elevates everything good about a display tablet. The device is one of XP-Pen’s most powerful tablets, but it’s ultra-expensive.

You’ll get it all with this tablet: drawing directly on the screen, maximum pen sensitivity, compatibility with all of the best drawing software, and in-depth colour detail. Not every artist needs an “everything tablet,” but if you want it all without breaking the bank, this is a good option to consider.


  • Pixel perfect resolution: It features a 1080 pixel resolution with an over 77% accurate colour gamut that delivers vibrant colours, rich details, all while being easy on the eyes.
  • Has 16 customisable shortcut keys: You can create 16 different express keys to your favourite features allowing you to explore your creativity conveniently.
  • Excellent level of pen pressure sensitivity and accuracy: You can create more detailed digital art.
  • It comes with a custom-designed anti-reflective coating that reduces eye glare by 56%.
  • It has a sturdy, adjustable, and ergonomically designed stand that prevents shaking and sliding when you’re drawing.


  • The stylus must have a battery: This necessitates recharging, which might be annoying if the battery runs out during a drawing session.
  • It doesn’t come with a DVI cable: It comes with a VGA cable, which is outdated.
  • The device lacks pen-tilt recognition: The tilt of the stylus does not register on the screen.

The XP-Pen Artist22E Pro is powerful and its display is excellent, but some lacking features make this tablet less advanced than the competition. However, it’s the best option for people who want a huge display on a tight budget.


10. XP-Pen Artist 12—One of the Best Drawing Tablets for Traveling Artists

Black XP-Pen Artist12 best travelling drawing tablet

If you’re an artist that travels worldwide for work, XP-Pen Artist 12 is one of the best drawing tablets for Mac to carry on the go.

The device is a mid-range display tablet that works with nearly all drawing software. You draw on the tablet’s screen directly and customise the six express keys to create shortcuts, streamlining your workflow.

The battery-free pen allows you to draw whenever you want—no need to charge before use.


  • Battery-free stylus with a digital eraser at the end: The pen work like a traditional pencil (drawing with one end and erasing with the other).
  • It’s travel-friendly: It’s XP-Pen’s smallest display tablet, and it comes with a set of power adapters for various countries.
  • Comes with a pre-installed anti-reflective screen protector: You don’t need to buy one to protect your tablet from scratches.
  • Has six customisable shortcuts keys: You can customise the keys to zoom in and out of your canvas or scroll up and down, enabling you to optimise your workflow.
  • It comes with anti-fouling gloves to reduce friction and smudging on your drawing tablet.


  • Its screen resolution is limited to 1080p: If you wish to use a 4K ultra HD monitor, you need to disable the tablet’s screen first.
  • The pen eraser is insensitive to pressure: You can apply light pressure, but it blows out with maximum pressure.
  • While the screen display is good, it has a lower than the standard colour gamut.

The XP-Pen Artist 12 offers all of the features of the Artist22E Pro, but at a lower price.

While the pen eraser might not be responsive to pressure, the tablet is excellent to carry on the go. If you travel a lot, this tablet is the best option.


11. Huion KAMVAS GT-191 V2

Black Huion Kamvas GT-191 V2 full HD drawing tablet

Huion KAMVAS GT-191 V2 is another large display tablet to spark your inspiration. Its most outstanding feature is the full HD IPS display that delivers all colour arrays to your drawings.

The display boasts an anti-glare coating that delivers a 178-degrees viewing angle, which is ideal for viewing large drawings from several angles.


  • Battery-free pen: You won’t need to charge or replace batteries. The pen is always ready to create digital artwork.
  • 8192 levels pen pressure sensitivity: Depending on how hard you press the pen, you can create larger or thinner lines.
  • Large display with excellent resolution: You can handle even finer details of large artwork without the need of zooming or panning
  • Budget-friendly: This tablet is great value if you consider the price to performance ratio.


  • The screen lacks quality of life features: The screen has substandard response time, a huge parallax, and finally, uneven pressure sensitivity.
  • When the stylus on the tablet wears out, it’s expensive to replace it.

The specs aren’t as amazing as our top five options, but the reduced price makes this tablet a good choice for many novices and artists on a budget.


12. VEIKK VK1560—Best Drawing Tablet for Color Accuracy

Black Viekk VK1560 colour accuracy drawing tablet

If you’re planning to work on a highly detailed drawing and animation, the VEIKK VK1560 is a good choice because it has a 92% NTSC colour gamut and a large screen.

Indeed, the vivid colours and great details allow you to create stunning visuals.

It also includes a one-of-a-kind passive pen that is battery-free and thus very light.  The pen responds to 8192 different levels of pressure, and there’s a single toggle key that lets you switch from pen to erase mode with a single click.


  • High colour gamut: This makes the tablet ideal for creating colour-rich drawings, vivid images, and details in wider views.
  • Battery-free pen: The pen doesn’t require a battery or charging.
  • Seven customisable shortcut keys and a scroll wheel: For a faster workflow, you can create shortcuts to your most-used drawing features like zooming in and out.
  • It has an additional ten nibs: The extra nibs save you having toget new ones when the one the tablet comes with wears out.


  • It doesn’t come with a driver disk: You have to download the driver from Veikk’s website.
  • The device’s pressure sensitivity does not work correctly with all drawing programs, including Krita.
  • It has an offset between the tip of the pen and the mouse cursor that you cannot correct with calibration.

The VEIKK VK1560 has decent specs and a high colour gamut. However, it also lacks a few features to save on cost. That said,  if your digital art will include a lot of colour, this is a good option.


How to Choose Drawing Tablets for Mac

Your graphics tablet, like any other drawing tool, is a personal choice. Your decision is based on your preferences, budget, artwork requirements, and artistry ability.

drawing tablet on mac preview

While lots of factors may influence your choice, here are the most important decisions to consider:

Screen vs. No Screen

One of the most important decisions you’ll make is whether you want a tablet for drawing with a built-in display or without one.

Fun fact: Tablets without screens are called non-display tablets, and those with screens are display tablets.

Display Tablets

Display tablets have built-in screens. As you don’t have to switch back and forth between the tablet and the computer monitor, they’re ideal for beginners transitioning from traditional to digital drawing.

In other words, these tablets simulate the drawing-with-pencil-and-paper experience.

xpen display tablet preview

The only problem?

Display tablets are more expensive. They are, nonetheless, wonderful choices for any artist who does professional work.

Non-Display Drawing Tablets

These are general graphics tablets, like Wacom Intuos Pro. They don’t have screens, and therefore require a secondary monitor to view your artwork.

When you draw on the tablet’s surface, lines appear on the computer screen.

wacom pth660 intuos pro preview tihout screen

However, the problem with non-display drawing tablets is that they have a steep learning curve that even experienced artists struggle to work with.

Nearly all graphics tablets are compact but they often aren’t portable as they require a secondary monitor to see your drawings.

Pressure Sensitivity

A drawing pad’s highest level of pressure sensitivity is 8192 levels. Artists are able to create distinct lines and good final work as a result of this.

Some graphics tablets like Turcom 8” X 5” Pro might have a lower sensitivity but they will produce well-defined lines.

tablet pen pressures examples

Remember: the force you apply on the stylus also has an impact on line thickness.

However, higher pressure sensitivity allows you to make finer distinctions in the lines’ thickness, which is important when creating high resolution drawings.

Graphics Tablets Size

When choosing a tablet size, you’ll need to consider two aspects:

  • The size of the drawing board
  • The device’s overall dimensions

Larger drawing areas eliminate the need for zooming and panning when working on bigger drawings. Consider the type of art you plan to create and choose a product with a working area that suits you.

xpen screen tablet actual size

Suppose you’ll be working with large drawings, your best options might be:

If you do lots of drawings on the go, you’re better off with a smaller, more portable option like X-Pen Artist 12 and Apple’s iPad Pro.

Did you know? The iPad Pro is a stand-alone solution. You won’t need another computer to use it.

Remember: Don’t confuse the active area size with the tablet’s overall size. The total dimensions include the surrounding area and the tablet’s casing.

Responsiveness of the Tablet

This is how quickly the lines you’re drawing on the tablet appear on the screen. It’s almost instantaneous for most tablets.

xp pen artist22e pro drawing pen display graphic monitor

However, responsiveness also depends on the tablet’s drivers and your computer specifications. For example, RAM, GPU, and CPU.

Before you buy a drawing tablet, investigate the type of software it uses and if your computer can handle it.

Type of Pen

You have three options when choosing pen type:

  • Battery-powered pens
  • Rechargeable pens
  • Battery-free pens

Battery-powered pens are thicker than the other pen options. This makes them feel too large in smaller hands. What’s more, these drawing pens require you to keep extra batteries to avoid the stylus from dying while you’re drawing.

drawing pens for tablets

Rechargeable pens require charging. If the pen dies, you’ll have to recharge it before continuing to draw. However, these pens are thinner and more comfortable to hold than battery-powered pens.

A battery-free pen, on the other hand, uses a unique electromagnetic frequency to wirelessly transfer power from the tablet to the pen.  Therefore, you won’t ever need to charge the pen. The battery-free option is the most convenient because you’ll never have to worry about the pen dying in the middle of drawing your artwork.

Remember: All the pens allow you to draw the same. It’s a matter of convenience and preference.

Top Drawing Tablet Brands—Think Long-Term

There are a gazillion brands selling drawing tablets that work with MacBook Air—each with its unique benefits and drawbacks.

If you want a high-quality product, look for brands that have been around for a long time and have earned the trust of artists all around the world.


Wacom is the gold standard of all drawing tablets. Its products are fully featured and target experienced artists. That said, beginners may find a suitable tablet within the affordable Wacom Intuos line.

Sizes Of Intuos Drawing Tablet

Wacom is known in the art world for their brilliant colour tablets, high resolution, strong controls, and battery-free pens that let you scroll and zoom just like on a smartphone.

It’s no surprise that Wacom graphics tablets are the world’s most expensive tablet. So, the brand isn’t the best for you if you’re on a budget.


Most artists are familiar with Huion’s low-cost drawing tablets that are compatible with MacBook Pro without sacrificing performance. The brand is ideal for beginners and professional artists on a budget.

Huion Drawing Tablet Variations

While you can get an affordable graphics tablet from Huion, it doesn’t mean it’s lacking in functionality. In fact, Huion’s best tablet has every feature that even experienced artists would appreciate.

All artists who prefer models with built-in screens will benefit from the brand’s higher-end drawing tablets.  However, while the best of Huoin’s tablets are comparable to Wacom’s tablets, it’s more challenging to work with Huion’s drivers and hardware.


XP-Pen offers both mid-range display and non-display drawing tablets. The world recognises XP-Pen Tablets for being compact and sturdy.

Xp Pen Deco With Aaccessories

One outstanding feature of most XP-Pen tablets is their six to eight customisable shortcut keys that enhance workflow. By using shortcuts like undo/redo, switching tools in your drawing software, and adding new layers, you can maximise efficiency.


You can compare the Ugee tablet to the XP-Pen in terms of price. Ugee’s most affordable models start at around $60, while their most expensive display tablets go for several hundred dollars.

UGEE M1000L Drawing Tablet Short Review

Ugee’s products pack a lot of features in their compact designs, which include:

  • High resolution
  • Several customisable controls
  • Rechargeable styluses

XP-Pen and Ugee are comparable, trustworthy brands. All you have to do is find a tablet among them that suits your needs.


Does Apple Have Drawing Tablets?

No. However, the iPad Pro works as a drawing tablet due to its sharp display and impressive pressure sensitivity.

What Drawing Tablets Work With Mac?

Most drawing tablets are compatible with Mac devices. However, Wacom and Apple iPad tablets are most compatible since they’re fast and easy to connect/install to your Mac.

Do Wacom Tablets Work on Mac?

Yes. You can easily connect a Wacom tablet to your Mac via Bluetooth or USB

Which Drawing Tablet Is Most Compatible With Macbook Pro?

The Wacom Cintiq 16 is one of the best drawing tablets compatible with the MacBook Pro. It’s light, thin, and easy to install on Mac devices.

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