• Oil Painting
  • Pencil Drawing


Yassir Mazhar is a passionate artist who discovered their artistic talent at a young age and has nurtured it ever since. Their relentless pursuit of creativity has led them to not only develop their own artistic skills but also share their knowledge by teaching others. Yassir’s artistic journey is a testament to their commitment and dedication to the arts.


Yassir has actively participated in national exhibitions and several international online competitions, showcasing their artistic abilities on both local and global platforms. Their work has been recognized and appreciated, allowing them to establish a notable presence within the art community. Yassir’s art serves as a medium for self-expression, conveying emotions through distinct strokes and colors. Their preferred mediums include oils and graphite.

Noteworthy among Yassir’s achievements is their participation in the national exhibition held in honor of Pakistan Day in 2022. Their artwork contributed to the exhibition, which celebrated the collective creativity of the nation. Additionally, Yassir was selected to represent their art school in the Institute of Space Technology’s international competition for World Space Week in 2018 and 2019.


Yassir has completed a Diploma in Fine Arts from Roots International College.