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  • Oil Painting
  • Digital Art


Skylan Abraham is a talented artist with a passion for drawing and painting. She is also a part-time copywriter and a dedicated full-time mother of three boys. Skylan’s artistic journey began at the age of 9, and it was during her time at Cypress Lake High School Center for the Arts that her skills truly flourished. Since graduating, she has actively participated in vendor events and has exhibited her artwork in local art galleries, gaining recognition for her unique style and expressive approach.

Skylan finds her greatest artistic freedom when she translates her emotions onto canvas. Her preferred style is rooted in surrealism, characterized by vibrant lines and captivating portraiture. She fearlessly incorporates eerie elements that simultaneously intrigue and unsettle viewers, creating a captivating experience.


Skylan has showcased her artwork in various local art galleries and has participated in numerous vendor events, demonstrating her commitment to sharing her creativity with the community. Her work has garnered attention and admiration for its bold and evocative nature. Skylan’s ability to create thought-provoking pieces that elicit strong emotional responses has captivated audiences.


Skylan’s artistic journey has been shaped by her passion and dedication to her craft. While she does not hold formal degrees in fine arts, her lifelong dedication to drawing and painting has contributed to her artistic growth. Skylan’s artistic skills were honed during her time at Cypress Lake High School Center for the Arts, where she received guidance and inspiration to refine her techniques.

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