• Watercolor Painting
  • Urban Sketching
  • Plein Air Painting
  • Drawing
  • Book Illustration


Seema Misra is a writer, illustrator, and urban sketch artist based in India. She has been sketching and painting since childhood and has captured a diverse range of subjects, from temples to street life. For her, art is a way to express her emotions and capture the beauty in the world around her.


Seema started showcasing her art at Art Blend Cafe in Bengaluru and helped them with their aesthetics and social media. Since then, her art and travel sketching have also been featured in numerous illustration projects and publications.

Seema’s art is a fusion of watercolor, ink, and digital media. She infuses her work with vibrant colors, intimate stories, and detailed observations. All this comes together to graphic travelogues and city tales as she sojourns through her hometown in Bangalore and its surroundings.

She has also illustrated children’s books, including “Chabara Chaba” and “Mega Melanin”, and has created botanical and food illustrations for numerous publications.


Seema is a self-taught artist and illustrator with over a decade of experience with ink and watercolor.

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