• Oil Painting


Malaika Bacon is a talented artist specializing in figurative oil paintings and graphite drawings. With a distinct whimsical style, Malaika’s artwork captures the beauty of people and animals. While primarily working as a freelance artist, Malaika’s reputation has spread through word-of-mouth as an exceptional pet painter and landscape artist.


Throughout her artistic journey, Malaika has been recognized with various awards for her exceptional talent. Starting from elementary school, she has consistently received accolades, including local fair awards such as “Best in Show,” “Best in Division,” and “Sweepstakes.” Her artistic contributions have made her a well-known figure in her county, gaining admiration for her distinctive style.


Malaika has pursued her art education through hands-on experience and self-guided exploration. Her dedication and passion have driven her artistic development, allowing her to refine her skills in oil painting and graphite drawing.

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