• Oil Painting
  • Gouache
  • Watercolor
  • Digital Art


Jewel Olivos is an experienced artist whose passion for art extends beyond just a hobby. With a strong belief in the importance of enjoying the artistic experience rather than striving for perfection, Jewel’s approach to art is both fun and refreshing.  Jewel specializes in using gouache and watercolors but also loves oil painting and digital art.


Having been self-taught for the most part, Jewel credits her high school art class as a turning point in her artistic journey. Experimenting with various mediums and techniques, Jewel was able to hone her skills and explore her favorite mediums, such as gouache and watercolors. She has had vast experience with oil painting through her participation in various art clubs and ateliers in her area. Her experience and perspective on the importance of enjoying the artistic process make her a valuable teacher for other artists seeking to improve their craft.


Jewel Olivos’ art education is primarily self-taught, but she has been fortunate to have great mentors and fellow artists supporting her in her journey. Her first experience with art was watching her father draw a portrait of her mother, which sparked her interest in the field. She has been able to hone her skills by attending numerous art courses online and art clubs in her local area.

A Message from Jewel Olivos

“Practice. Practice. Practice! If you love art and want to get better, that’s all you have to do.”