Hello and welcome to Art Ignition. 

Regardless of where you are at on your creative journey, we are a community of artists, designers, and misfits that can’t wait to help.

  • Maybe you are here because you want to get better at drawing but don’t know where to start.
  • Maybe you have been out of the creative game for years, and are looking to get back into it.
  • Maybe you are struggling for motivation. You have tried everything, and nothing has stuck.
  • Maybe you are frustrated with people who don’t take you seriously as an artist (I’m sure we have all been offered work in exchange for “free exposure”)
  • Or maybe you are looking to take your art to the next level and make a full-time career or business out of it.

Whether you are an aspiring artist or an industry professional, there will be something useful for you on this site.

I am excited to have you here. Welcome.

My Story

Hi, I’m Nathan, and I am the person behind this site.

I have been drawing, painting, sculpting and everything else creative, for as long as I can remember. For me, I love art for three reasons.

  1. It enables me to play and explore with my imagination. I love being able to see an idea take shape and come to life.
  2. It is a great structure to take a step back on appreciate the smaller details of the world around me. The way the light falls on an object, the anatomy of the human body and everything else we as artists observe.
  3. I love learning and mastering new skills. There is a never ending list of things I can learn within the creative realm.

I understand that getting into art can often be intimidating, and a constant battle with yourself (particularly if you are a perfectionist like me).

However, I truly believe creativity is something for everyone. I will do my best to share the information you need on this site to improve your skillset, flourish and have a ton of fun along the way.

Why Build This Website?

The idea for this website came to me after some artistic friends of mine asked how they could improve and make money from their art.

I had one particular call when one friend asked me how to build a website - but their whole idea of what a website could do, and what is needed to make money through her art was warped.

I ended up have an hour conversation whereby the end of it she had a way to make money that was grounded in reality and through clear actions...not some wishy-washy crap.

That conversation had been on my mind since.

Looking around the internet, I saw that the information out there was wrong or was missing something. Any useful information was drowned out and difficult to find.

Art Ignition was created from the need for real, actionable advice based on first-hand, real-world experience that would truly impact artist's creative endeavours in a concrete way: helping them improve their art and make more money.

This is done through sharing helpful tips, quality info, and valuable resources for artists of all skill levels.

And I want to create that with a group of awesome people!

Working with other experienced and successful artists, I will give you simplified and actionable advice to advance your art.

However, the main person I want to talk to is you. I want to know what you are dealing with. I might not have all the answers, but I'm determined to find those who do and get the information from them.

Is there a particular skill you are looking to develop? Are you wondering whether a particular course is worth your time or money? Or are you wondering how you can start making money from your artwork? If so, contact me today.

I will work with you and do my best to solve the problem rather than taking shots in the dark.